Sustaining Sandra’s Smile (A CFCA “Tell A Story” Post)

I have called you each by name
I love you and you are mine.
From “You are Mine” by David Haas
The child in this picture is Catarina (although she prefers to be called by her middle name, Sandra). I have volunteered to tell Sandra’s story as part of the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging’s “Tell a Story” campaign. I hope that someone who learns about Sandra it will either agree to sponsor her for $30 a month, tell her story to someone else, and/or pray for her.
Here are the basics:
  • Sandra is five years old (her birthday was on March 7)
  • She lives with her father, mother, and 2 year old brother
  • Sandra speaks Kiche
  • The family lives in one room, with adobe walls, dirt floors, and a corrugated metal roof
  • The family members sleep on wooden beds and cook on a firewood stove
(This image of a typical Guatemalan firewood stove
is from this blog.)
  • The family’s approximate monthly income in US dollars is $60
  • Sandra’s father plants black beans and Sandra’s mother washes clothes for other people
(This picture of a Guatemalan black bean plant
 is from this blog.)
Sandra’s profile from CFCA tells us that she likes to sing and play dolls. She is described as “very happy.” I think her smile confirms that!
If you are not familiar with CFCA’s sponsorship program, the $30 per month commitment helps families meet basic needs such as education,  nutrition and medical care. Sponsorship also provides the support and opportunities these families need to improve their life situations and provide a better future for their children. More than 94% of CFCA’s expenses go toward program support. (More about financials here.)
For one sponsor’s perspective, check out Tina Fisher’s post, Heart Treasured Letter, about her family’s experience sponsoring Ryan James from the Philippines. I love how she and her children find a special place to sit and savor Ryan James’s letters. I am not so patient with our sponsored child’s letters!!
I started this post off with an excerpt from the song “You Are Mine” by David Haas. When I was listening to that song during worship yesterday, Sandra and this post were very much on my mind and in my  heart. Other lines of that song say:

I am hope for all who are hopeless
I will be your light

Sandra and her family need the additional hope that a sponsorship gives. Please consider sponsoring her or shining a light on her situation by helping me spread the word!

Here’s a sample tweet:

I am helping “Tell A Story” about Sandra, a 5 year old in Guatemala who needs help via @CFCA sponsorship. Contact @biggreenpen for details!

For more information:
My phone number: (850) 556-3517
My email:
CFCA email:
CFCA phone: 800.875.6564

Artwork by Estela, 6 years old, Guatemala
 (Tenley’s Sponsored Child)

Note from Paula: It is possible that more than one person may contact CFCA about sponsoring Sandra or that a potential sponsor may really have their heart set on sponsoring a boy instead of a girl, a child from one of the 21 other countries served by CFCA, or an elderly person. Please know that CFCA has many sponsorship opportunities available and will be happy to work with you to select who you want to sponsor. You can get more details on that here.


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