Wordless Wednesday (#StyleMeMarch – Week Two Edition)

Week Two of the “#StyleMeMarch” challenge from Hilary Rushford of the Bow Ties and Bettys Style Blog is being hung up in the closet now.

As a reminder, here’s the breakdown of what each day’s theme is:

Week two started last Wednesday with “LBD to Work” day. The “B” had to be for blue in order for it to work for me. My “LBD” was a little (lot) dressy for work:

But this is the LBD…

…and I put a shell over it that goes with an entirely different suit. It’s a great color of seafoam green. Not a perfect match with navy but it worked well enough:
With “LBD to work” day behind me, I moved on to the equally challenging and out-of-comfort-zoneish “tease that hair” day. This one involved a lot of “product” and a lot of forehead. One thing I did like about “tease that hair” day was the fact that it was International Women’s Day and I was wearing a necklace made by Ugandan women and sold by Bead for Life.

For “stripes or dots” day on Friday, March 9, the first (but certainly not last) repeat item of the month appeared (the skirt I had worn on “Parisian Day”):

What on earth to do for “rock star” day on Saturday, March 10? I was participating in the Shamrock Scurry 5K that day, so I experimented with a St. Patrick’s Day themed  “tattoo sleeve”:

But it was a pain and I didn’t want to run in it. So I tattooed (temporarily) something else:

Sunday saw me move from Ireland to France. It was “something borrowed” day and Tenley and I had an “Afternoon in Paris” women’s luncheon with my mother-in-law, so Tenley loaned me her Eiffel Tower necklace.

On Monday, I walked in and my co-worker said, “Oh I see you are doing belt day!” People are sometimes more observant than you think! All of my belts were pretty boring so Goodwill came to the rescue:
Finally, to accent the final day of the (style) week, I needed my teenager’s help for “dramatic eyeliner” day. The girl is a pro after all these years of “wings” as part of her dancer makeup. She applied liquid eyeliner on my top lid, and I filled out the rest with a darker pencil than I usually use. Great reaction when I walked onto the track for my weekly intervals workout tonight and one of my friends said, “Oh, did you get made up for track tonight?” It was a fun comment and led to another explanation of #stylememarch.
The spectrum of my eyeliner choices ranges from the usual (on the right – nothing!) to the modest one I have been using during #stylememarch to the pencil I used today after Tenley applied the “heavy artillery” liquid liner.
Yes, as a matter of fact I did wear this same shirt five days ago. Oops! Different jewelry each day though – maybe that mitigates the duplicativeness a bit.
Another week of #stylememarch behind me and a week ahead of digging deep in my limitless imagination to create something interesting out of my not-so-limitless closet.
Care to join me?

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (#StyleMeMarch – Week Two Edition)

  1. I love that you did this. I am so fashion stumped and scared of stepping out of my comfort zone thatit seems incredibly brave. It looks like you had a blast doing it though.

  2. Ahhh! Paula I am so proud of you! The idea for “rockstar” day was INCREDIBLE! And I absolutely love you in the makeup your daughter did. It never occurred to me that I might have mom's getting a chance to empower their daughter's by asking them for style help in this month. Oh & I love that you put a shell over your LBD to make it look like a separate! You've proved to yourself that you are so creative! And as for re-wearing stuff: do it! Zero shame in re-wearing items. I do it all the time. The only time I push people not to do it, is when you have a closet full of things you're NOT wearing. And keep going back to the same handful of pieces. That's the reason to push yourself to wear something new: to make better use of everything you own. But it's certainly not because there's some rule that says we can't re-wear things. Often. 🙂

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