Chocolate Delight (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

When handed me Mama’s Losin’ It prompt number three this week, my friend Merrio’s go-to dessert that she brings to almost every office pot luck came immediately to mind. The prompt was: Share a favorite dessert recipe.

This recipe is technically called “Chocolate Delight” but it has a naughtier nickname. I’ll get to that.

I had a plan – I would prepare the dessert over two nights (there is a little baking, a little softening (cream cheese), a little thawing, and a little chopping involved), take some pictures, and time it so I could get this blog post up then provide a nice dessert to my coworkers on Friday, after the weekly Biggest Loser Challenge weigh-in.

The problem is: I kept messing things up! I failed to thaw the whipped topping before mixing it in. I used all of the whipped topping instead of 1.5 cups, which left me completely without a white layer to go on top of the chocolate layer. The crust got hard in the refrigerator waiting for me to assemble the rest of the dessert.

What I ended up with is something passable enough for pictures:

And actually still pretty tasty (but not up to my good-enough-to-take-to-work standards).
When made right, though, it’s fantastic.
I really recommend you give it a whirl, like Merrio’s mom and her friends have been doing for a long time (I love the “vintage” look of the recipe):

Once you try it (and do a better job than I did of following the directions), you’ll know why the dessert’s nickname is “Better Than Sex” cake!

Nom nom nom.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Delight (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

  1. Awesome! Presentation only lasts for a few secons, its the taste that is memorable (Gordon Ramsey)

    Great dessert. Cheers to you and Merrio.


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