22 Things I Haven’t Done (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

On Tuesday, when I was preparing to write this week’s Mama Kat-inspired post, random.org handed me Mama Kat prompt number one: List 22 things you’ve never done. I loved this idea, but decided to postpone it until tonight because there is a time-sensitive issue with Carla’s search for a sponsor (read why she is my “starfish” here). Carla’s information goes back into the “general circulation” at http://www.hopeforafamily.org/ on Wednesday, October 26, so I wanted to get my post about her out.

Without further ado:
I am 46 years old and I’ve Never:
1. Gotten a response to my letters/emails to Tenley Albright, for whom my daughter is named.
2. Driven a stick shift car successfully.
3. Had a conversation in Spanish where I felt that the language was coming naturally to me.
4. Run a 5K in 29:59 or less.
5. Written my book about Camp Gordon Johnston.
6. Changed a flat tire.
7. Taken my mother-in-law on her fantasy trip to Rome.
8. Been to California.
9. Gotten my website (http://www.biggreenpen.com/) up and running, incorporating my blog (help!)
10. Gotten completely out of credit card debt.
11. Been to Staten Island or explored The High Line.
12. Surfed.
13. Kept my floors clean at home (ugh).
14. Figured out Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, or Seesmic.
15. Completed my profile on IMDB, where I am listed as a tour group member in Parental Ties.
16. Convinced my son to dress in clothes that match, are unwrinkled, and don’t look like he just rolled out of bed in them.
17. Been a Stay at Home Mom. 
18. Sung “Defying Gravity” on stage at Wicked (I know, I know – you have to be able to sing like Idina Menzel and all that but it’s a great fantasy!).
19. Ventured beyond my point and shoot camera to digital SLR.
(but I still enjoy point and shoot)
20. Been able to play Blackjack without memorizing a Blackjack 101 strategy first.
21. Figured out how to really explain my faceblindness in a way that people understand why it affects some of the ways I interact, but don’t perceive it as an excuse.
22. Been unfaithful to my spouse.
What are your 22?

5 thoughts on “22 Things I Haven’t Done (A Mama Kat Writing Prompt)

  1. Loved this, Paula. And you inspired me to write my own on my blog – http://www.mamaslog.com

    And in the process of writing it, I discovered how tricky it was to come up with the number of them, and make them interesting, relevant, and fun. I bow to you – you have achieved this!

  2. This brings to mind that there are so many things I've never done because I just don't want to do them! Like Bungee jump or rappel down the side of a mountain. Roller coasters come to mind but, unfortunately, I tried them before I realized I couldn't stand them!

  3. I didn't know you had faceblindness! You do quite well with it, I would have never known 🙂 One day maybe we can chat about the things you do to compensate (it's the psychologist in me being fascinated and noisy)

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