Hope For Carla – The Vlog Version

Hello everyone!

Tonight I am extending my efforts to help find a sponsor for Carla through http://www.hopeforafamily.org/. (I wrote about Carla previously in this post.)

In this video, I talk about how sponsorship can change Carla’s life (and I find a use for that expired grape soda in our fridge – how’s that for multitasking??!!).

If anyone you know has any questions about sponsorship (for Carla or for other children/youth/aging in any of the 22 countries served by CFCA), please let me know!

Complete possession is proved only by giving. All you are unable to give possesses you. -Andre Gide

Note from Paula: It is possible that more than one person may contact CFCA about sponsoring Carla or that a potential sponsor may really have their heart set on sponsoring a boy instead of a girl, a child from one of the 21 other countries served by CFCA, or an elderly person. Please know that CFCA has many sponsorship opportunities available and will be happy to work with you to select who you want to sponsor. You can get more details on that here.

3 thoughts on “Hope For Carla – The Vlog Version

  1. I love your demonstration and how it shows sponsors lifting up Carla and her family and that sponsors do not take the place of family.

    I've shared your message on Twitter and my Facebook Page. Thank you for all you are doing. Through my church,(LDS), I am able to contribute $ every month to help families get a higher education, provide food and other necessities.

    I know you'll agree, that it's a glorious feeling to know that we are helping others in need!

    Thanks for joining our vB Christian Mom’s Blog Hop!
    Becky Jane

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