Wordless Wednesday (Sweet Summer Finale Edition)

As the second week of school gets underway here in Tallahassee, we say goodbye to summer with the Sweet Summer Finale of the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge.
I suppose I could look at the summer as something that started full of anticipation:
and ended up empty:
but I think it is just the opposite.
As a family, we started the summer with room for growth:
and were given so many flavorful moments, such as:
Turning 15 (Tenley) and 12 (Wayne):
Discovering a whole new country and its incredible people in Guatemala:

And remembering that the people (and animals!) who are right down the road are full of discoveries too:
It hasn’t been the easiest of summers as we struggled with Wayne’s continued job hunt after a downsizing; we definitely felt exposed as some of our protective shell was bitten away:
But as we say good-bye to summer, I know that we come out of it with memories for which to be grateful and the knowledge that so many people, in real life and in the blogosphere, are in our corner.
To all of you who made the summer fun, bearable, amazing, una gran aventura, and full of the knowledge that we have overflowing blessings, thank you — you put the delicious finale on the summer of 2011:
 I am linking this Wordless Wednesday post up to the final Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge sponsored by Kristi of Live and Love Out Loud and Alicia of Project Alicia. Thank you, Kristi and Alicia, for the time, heart, and passion you have put into this project. I have loved every minute (except for when I sliced my hand doing the “Refreshing” theme!) and cherished the opportunity to do something so “cool” when it was so blasted “hot” outside!
Crazy Days of Summer

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday (Sweet Summer Finale Edition)

  1. Aw, thank you so much for participating in our challenge, Paula. Sorry about the sliced hand. It's Alicia's fault. 😉 lol I wish you the best of luck as your husband continues his job search. So many folks are finding it so hard to secure jobs in this economy. So sorry that this is your reality. Wish there was something I could do other than listen…

  2. What an awesome post! I love how you wrote the story around the ice cream cone. It sounds like you did so many wonderful things. I hope your husband is able to find a job soon. Visiting from Crazy Days of Summer Sweet Summer Finale.

  3. Wait a minute. I'm almost positive Kristi came up with the refreshing theme. lol. Sorry to hear you had an accident during the process. Thanks for all the support during the challenge. You've been fab! Hope you'll join our fall challenge.

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