Mother’s Milk/La Leche de Madre (A Let’s Reverb Prompt)

The August 2011 “Let’s Reverb” prompt is: Describe an unexpected moment, activity, sighting or conversation that touched you during July. I have responded via a vlog:

Featured in the vlog:

The wooden nursing symbol teether is from Little Sapling Toys.

The picture of the Guatemalan woman is from:  Nurturing Across Cultures and the RebozoWay Project (the Nurturing Across Cultures link should be used if you want information).

Thank you to Little Sapling Toys and Nurturing Across Cultures for permission to use these images.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Milk/La Leche de Madre (A Let’s Reverb Prompt)

  1. loved your vlog! i think i prefer the guatemalan way. i did have a bit more of an “experience” nursing my first, but now that i'm nursing my second i need to nurse on the go. it's more difficult without the societal acceptance: not only do people make comments, but doctors aren't supportive (lots of misinformation at best, outright ridicule at worst) and there's a whole learning curve for things like nursing in slings that i wonder if would exist if we had a culture where most everyone nursed on the go.

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