The GoldDust Twins (A MamaKat Writing Prompt)

This week, I am giving┬áthe heave-ho. I’d like to do another vlog but there just isn’t time. handed me Mama Kat┬áprompt Number Two: Describe a trait that attracted you to your significant other, but that now drives you a little crazy. My choice to avoid that prompt isn’t because I am worried about Wayne reading the post (he doesn’t read my blog) or about him not having any traits that drive me crazy (after 18.5 years of marriage, are you joking?). But he has been trying to sell himself to potential employers since he lost his job in August 2010 and frankly the last thing he needs is more critique right now.
I went back to and ended up with Number Four: describe how you met your best friend. That one’s a little easier!
It’s easier but honestly I don’t remember exactly when I met my best friend. I think it was at the beginning of sixth grade, when we ended up at the same middle school. Having the same first name put us in each other’s orbit. Our math teacher, Mr. Litchfield, who had some quirky sensibilities, got in the habit of calling us the “Golddust Twins.” That was before Google, of course. Had we had Google back then, I would have realized how incredibly Un-PC the twins are!
Hmmmmm……maybe he was actually referring to the Mackenzie Phillips/Sally Kellerman version:
Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins
After ninth grade, we ended up in different towns. Eventually we were in different states. Long patches of time have gone by in which we didn’t see each other. Hurricane Katrina especially disrupted our communications, as it devastated her city and her life.
Thanks to the almighty Facebook, however, I now get to at least exchange message and pictures with her, and see her kids grow up.
And when we do have the opportunity to be together in the same place at the same time, it’s as though sixth grade was just yesterday.
Wikipedia says: often used to describe two talented individuals working closely together for a common goal, especially in sports.

When national sensibilities began to change, the products (along with Goldie and Dustie) were phased out by the mid-1950s. The Gold Dust Twins were drawn by E.W. Kemble, a staff artist for the Chicago Daily Graphic. [4]

friendship will never be phased out….

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