Where’s My Hat?

For the first time since I started doing Mama Kat writing prompts, I blew off the random number generator’s suggestion of #2:  The biggest Halloween trick or prank you ever pulled.  My holiday prank history involves only one thing (I was a very good girl as a teenager!): a late night relocation of the nativity scene from the First Baptist Church of Lake Butler’s lawn to the youth director’s front yard.  He was not amused (but I think baby Jesus appreciated the change of scenery).  More importantly, #4 (Share a photo that represents how you see yourself) gives me the chance to share via my blog a fundamental clash I have in my head.  Between this:
Life Goals                                                              and this: 

Life Goals

I couldn’t find the perfect picture to demonstrate the un-Mary Richards-like aspects of my life.  This one is the best I can do – yes I was camping, but the crocs, the unironed “whatever was available to throw on that also fit” ensemble, the “it’ll do” hair (under a hat), and the lack of makeup are far too often the “me” I present to the world these days.   

Having Mary Richards as my professional role model during those formative years of ages 6-13, I concocted a “future me” vision complete with a great wardrobe, a spacious (and always clean) apartment, vivacious friends, and an upwardly mobile job. 

Wardrobe-wise, my clothes are as often held together by safety pins as not; my house is in CHAOS, my friends are vivacious (1 out of 4 is a start!), and I perch precariously on that teeter totter called family-life balance daily.

Being a mom is what has been the most important thing to me as an adult.  But when I go back to New York City, and walk the bustling streets among the career women who look so purposeful and directed, even though for all I know they are going home to empty, tiny, lonely apartments and downing pints of Ben and Jerry’s, I still crave some “hat in the air moments” just for me.

What kind of “hat in the air” moment are you still looking for?

Life goals

11 thoughts on “Where’s My Hat?

  1. Paula, I am so excited to be, not only next to you on Mama Kat's, but your first comment of the day!
    I love that shot of Mary! I think my hat in the air moment will be when I can say that I have a successful writing career. Frankly a career of any kind besides motherhood will be acceptable!
    Have an awesome day!

  2. I really loved and identified with your post.
    I too, was supposed to be this successful woman, perhaps throwing my hat in the air in triumph.
    But my clothes too, are held on by safety pins, and as of right now, I'm not wearing a bra, and have actually only put on my crocs (bright pink) today in order to throw out a diaper.
    But we are successful women…
    Our kids say so.

  3. Justmom (previous poster) – I can't figure out how to email you back but wanted you to know how much I appreciate that comment. I felt I was straddling a line between honesty and whining when I wrote this, but I have found that if we are candid about our positions, that it opens up great avenues for communication!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Returning the favor and must say that I envisioned myself as Lindsay Wagner in the Bionic Woman when I was a little girl. The strength and self-confidence and … well the kick-a** -ness of being a bionic woman?
    The reality of my grown-up persona is something short of The Bionic Woman… more along the lines of Bionic Mom… in my dreams anyway!

  5. I love this, Paula. I'd like to challenge you to create your own hat in the air moment, complete with photo! I think it would make a fabulous WW post. 🙂 As for me, that hat in the air moment will be when I finally make some kind of money, whether it's $5 or $500 for blogging.
    Keep up the great writing, Paula.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  6. what a great post – I think we've all envisioned ourselves to be “perfect”, but what we actually have in our life now beats out any previous idea of “perfection” by a long shot!

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