Our Family’s Rock Star (A Mama Kat Writing Workshop Prompt)

The random number generator did it to me again.  Out of the five possible Mama Kat Writing Prompts this week, the one I ended up with requires creative writing for sure.  Here is my assignment: 

4.) Your pet’s least likable character trait.
Our cat’s least likable trait is a matter of physiology, not character.  Far too often, this:

consumed by this: 
results in this:
We adopted our cat when she was around seven years old.  She met Wayne’s criteria (siamese); she had been placed for adoption because her previous owner had moved in with a partner who had other cats.  Our cat turned out to be a one-cat girl, but two kids have ended up being okay. 
August 2006 – the first meeting

Every time I thought through this prompt, I kept coming up with all of the likeable character traits, such as:

1) Our cat is the least sarcastic family member, possibly because she has no words
2) Our cat is patient — with being under nerf gun attack by marauding bands of boys, with accompanying our teenager to the bathroom whether she wants to go or not, with not being fed rightthisinstant when I get out of bed in the morning, with a litterbox that doesn’t get freshened up as much as it should
3) Our cat brings out the best in each of us (except me with that early morning rightthisinsant stuff)

I wish that our cat was a little more of a cuddler, but she is a cat after all and she probably wonders why we humans are such slow studies and keep trying. 

Our cat came with the “rock star” name she had been given by her previous owner. 

“Welcome to my nightmare?”  Not for our family.  More like we’re “Caught in a Dream” (when we’re not cleaning the carpets).

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  1. I am so glad to have found so many cat lovers today! Your cat has the best name ever!I like the fact that you adopted your furry friend. Our cat of 14 years passed away in May and we are considering adoption for our new one. Thanks for visiting my site today- have a good one!

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