A Wordless Wednesday With Local Flavor

A tribute to Community Supported Agriculture, in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day!
Camp Weed, in Live Oak, is a place of recreation, renewal, and reflection. 
The view from my tent at Camp Weed, 4/11/10:
Camp Weed has now partnered with Magnolia Farms to grow organic vegetables on site and serve them at Camp Weed through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). 
Traditionally, food is transported an average of 1,500 miles before it reaches our plates.  CSA members receive vegetables that are picked ripe and delivered fresh within just a couple of days, reducing the use of fossil fuels to transport them. 
Click here for information about Community Supported Agriculture in your area.

4 thoughts on “A Wordless Wednesday With Local Flavor

  1. Yes, the name “Camp Weed” is always a good conversation starter! For the record, the camp is named after the late Rt. Rev. Edwin Garner Weed, Third Bishop of Florida. I guess it's a good thing his last name wasn't “Poisonivy”!

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