Racing to Marco Island

There will be no races for me this week, and a brief blog post.

As our family (plus my niece Elizabeth) settles in for a week at Marco Island (thanks to Wayne’s participation in the Environmental Permitting Summer School), my trip out of the Last Banana Club involves keeping up with my exercise program from a new venue, the Marco Island Marriott Resort. That’s why sweat is still running down my back after a foray to the fitness center at 9:45 p.m.

I ventured back to intervals last Tuesday. After six months of working toward my goal of “faster 5K’s,” my time has not budged much. I even got the “early bird” start at Thursday night track so people didn’t have to be around till 10 p.m. while I finished the 5K.

But as I told someone recently, my mood is a whole lot better. Now it’s time to pair that happy elevated mood with some marked improvement in race times.

This week will not be a step backwards for me. I have a beautiful beachfront at my disposal, and a determination to get up early and run before the heat descends; after all, I can nap poolside later.

Each of the three children on this trip with us asked “Are we there yet?” at some point on the long drive today. This runner isn’t “there yet” for the goal of breaking 30 minutes (or 40) for the 5K. But I have a plan, the support of my friends, family, and Gulf Winds supporters, and determination. This is one trip is that going to be “running” through my spirit for miles to come.

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